• svart1

    Aremun Podcast 78 – Svart1 (Ovunqve)

    Svart1 is Raimondo Gaviano, who works in the fields of Ambient, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Noise, live-performance and visuals. He currently lives and works in Cagliari, Sardinia. Based in Cagliari, but with frequent international venues Svart1 is one of the few dark-ambient musicians that starting from Sardinia was able to have a gig in May...

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    Ambra Night – San Teodoro is coming.


    San Teodoro, Ambra Night is coming. Il primo sabato dell’estate 2016 è ormai alle porte, come da prassi dopo quasi mezzo secolo l’ Ambra Night apre le danze ai clubbers dell’isola sarda e i suoi visitatori. Su quella stessa spiaggia dal 1969, mode e tendenze, generi culturali e musicali hanno fatto dell’Ambra Night casa e...

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    Aremun Podcast 77 – Conrad Van Orton (CRS Recordings)

    conrad van orton

    Conrad Van Orton nasce a Roma nel 1985. Il suo vero nome è Andrea Zanchetta e il suo pseudonimo è un tributo al film The Game di David Fincher, tributo che da il nome anche alla label che alla fine del 2010 apre insieme al suo attuale socio VSK aka Francesco Visconti, la Consumer...

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    Aremun Podcast 76 – Alderaan (MindTrip Music)


    Alderaan is the alter ego of Franco De Michele, a young DJ / producer of Techno from Buenos Aires, Arg. His first steps were in 2011 when he started experiment with sound and studying Electronic Arts at Untref University. After some time of that, in 2014 he debuts releasing music by the well-known label...

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    Love Family Park 2016

    love family park 2016

    LOVE FAMILY PARK 2016 Sabato, 02.07.2016 Messepark, Magonza 6 Floors, 10.00 – 22.00 La 21esima edizione del Love Family Park è alle porte, pronta a schierare in campo titani della scena techno internazionale fra i quali ovviamente il sostenitore e padrino dell’evento, Sven Väth. Il famosissimo party tedesco targato Cosmopop, che da 21 anni...

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    Aremun Podcast 75 – Kaiser (Etruria Beat)


    Kaiser from Bari (Italy) since 2007. When he made his first steps practicing on a couple of old turntables. He fell in love with techno music and he started to collaborate with Luca Agnelli and his label: Etruria Beat. Kaiser made his career debut on Etruria Beat back in 2013 with his track “Conversation”,...

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    Aremun Podcast 74 – Ru Hig (Midgar)


    Ruhig, also known as Luigi Cicchella is an italian dj and producer, not new to the techno scene as ´Audiolouis´ former partner of Tresor resident Synthek at the guidance of Berlin based imprint NatchRecords, where they both released several eps and the album Unwise. Luigi musical background has deep roots in drum and bass,...

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    Aremun Podcast 72 – Retina.it (Eklero / Semantica)


    Retina.it is Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono. They met at the beginning of the 90’s where both engaged in various neapolitan clubs. After discovering to have the same interests, tastes and bents on music, they decided to create something together. In ’94 they met dj Rino Cerrone and together they gave birth to the...

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    Sonus Festival 2016


    Sonus Festival 2016 21 – 25  Agosto 2016 Zrce Beach, Isola di Pag, Croazia   Finalmente svelati tutti e sessanta i nomi della line-up del Sonus 2016, il festival dell’estate. Tanti i volti nuovi di questa quarta edizione, che si affiancheranno a DJ ormai di casa quali Chris Liebing, Dixon, Joseph Capriati, Seth Troxler...

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    Aremun Podcast 71 – Allen (M_Rec Ltd. / Attic Music)


    Allen’s music can best be described as a mix of bleepy and hypnotic rhythms which often travel into more dark and static filled dimensions. His music is heavily influenced by science fiction and outer space and aims to give the listener a view into his vision of the future. While still a relative newcomer...

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