Dying & Barakat – Archives Series [Par Recordings]

Dying & Barakat – Archives Series [Par Recordings]

Par-Recordings-025-560x560Dying & Barakat due giovani produttori provenienti da Buenos Aires, Argentina, emersi nel 2012 con molte release sia in formato digitale che anche recentemente con una versione in vinile su CLFT Records. Siamo felici di presentarvi questo è l’ep di debutto su Par Recordings con ottimi remix di Logotech, MTD, Tracy e il proprietario dell’ etichetta George Paar.


Dying & Barakat two young producers from Buenos Aires, Argentina who have emerged in 2012 with very strong releases both in digital format and also recently a vinyl release with known imprint. This is D&B’s debut ep with Par Recordings and we are happy to present to you this Ep packed also with great remixes by Logotech, MTD, Tracy and label owner George Paar.

Dying & Barakat – Archive A (Original Mix)
Dying & Barakat – Archive A (Tracy Remix)
Dying & Barakat – Archive A (Logotech Innerview)
Dying & Barakat – Archive B (Original Mix)
Dying & Barakat – Archive B (MTD Space Tool)
Dying & Barakat – Archive B (George Paar Hidden Archives Remix)


Played and Supported by Chris Liebing, DVS1, Samuel L Session, Dj Emerson, Adam X, Go Hiyama, Bas Mooy, Tommy Four Seven, Unbalance, Cio D’Or, Arnaud Le Texier, Truncate, Rebekah, Milton Bradley, Joseph McGeechan, Valentino Kanzyani, Pepe Arcade, Deepbass, Ness, Jonas Kopp, Exium, Patrick Bateman, Chris Colburn and more.