Aremun Podcast 111 – Kenny Dahl (Eclectic Limited)

Aremun Podcast 111 – Kenny Dahl (Eclectic Limited)


Kenny Dahl
is a Dj Producer focused on Techno and Electronics music. He started to play house music in 1991 when he was 11 years old in main south Italy’s dancefloors. In 1999 he discovered the techno music: was “love at first sight” and he started to play all over Italy. At that time he began to compose his first tracks and get them in the Techno music world. In his performances, the groove goes from ethnics drums to the most recent synth vanguard of techno. He played in the most famous Rome’s clubs and in cities like Paris, Ibiza, Berlin ,Amsterdam alongside artists such as Dave Clarke, Bas Mooy, UVB, The Advent, Industrialyzer, Joris Voorn, Speedy J, Ansome, ONTAL, Hans Bouffmyhre etc.In 2016 he founded Eclectic Limited.