Aremun Podcast 105 – Bichord (Planet Rhythm)

Aremun Podcast 105 – Bichord (Planet Rhythm)


A Bichord, as is well known, is a chord of two notes played at the same time: this image is what Manuel Bozza & Federica Farinelli identify as their concept, since they can create a harmonic and distinctive sound combining very different backgrounds and abilities, resulting in a very personal interpretation and blend of Experimental Techno and Ambient music.
The continuous research of new forms of expression and the incessant dedication to music were the keys of Bichord’s productions, characterized by the alternation of ethereal atmospheres and acid sounds combined with structured rhythms.

They developed their live project using digital and analogue equipment in combination with vocals, resulting into a singular trip in perfect balance between abstraction and rhythm, marked by a strong melodic impact. The set list draws on the several albums co-produced by the artists.
They also created a live show including tracks from their solo productions to captivate the public into their creative flow, directly conveying their passion to the audience, showing the long work of refinement and attention to detail that characterises the whole project.
The evocative mark of their sound characterises their dj sets too, that bring the listener into a mental trip along suggestive sceneries full of emotion.