Aremun Podcast 30 – Reggy Van Oers (Affin Records)

Aremun Podcast 30 – Reggy Van Oers (Affin Records)


Aremun Podcast 30 – Reggy Van Oers (Affin Records) by Aremun Podcast on Mixcloud

“Mysterious effects invading the ear with a dimensional movement that comes in and out. It makes me feel like I am in a cave seeing a ritualistic ceremony of the ages. Its funky almost alien baseline stays solid making a fresh arrangement of effects that rhythmically combine”.
Reggy Van Oers has definately found a sound that fits the world of minimal techno. With the experimental nature of his techno style he creates a 3 dimensional environment in his tracks what makes his sound unique and also very catchy. It combines the progressive appeal of trance but keeps it funky and deep. It rolls off your body and stays ever changing…

After his debut release “Metza”on Trapez Ltd in 2007 he got great feedback from out the globe. Both tracks on this EP were used in the Trapez Selection 6 mixed by Traum’s labelowner Riley Reinhold aka Triple R. Soon after his debut EP he released “Matar”on Field Records that later on was licensed to Manual Music. Berghain’s resident dj, Boris, played “Matar” many times in his sets and selected it as a favourite in his alltime top ten tracks.

Sabre, Real Desert Fish and Boldarani were released on Joachim Spieth’s imprint Affin. Real Desert Fish got remixed by Sleaze Records (UK) labelboss Hans Bouffmyhre!!! On Tongut Records the Myst EP appeared as a solid 3-tracker, less melody but arranged with dark vocals and stirry atmospheres. His music keeps focussing on deep evolving grooves, almost hypnotic melodic elements all captivated by a strong steady beat.

Metza EP – Trapez Ltd (2007)
Matar – Field Records (2008)
Sabre EP – Affin (2009)
Canarias – Solid Fabric Recordings (2009)
Myst EP – Tongut (2009)
Real Desert Fish – Affin (2010)
Boldarani EP – Affin (2010)
Indovine EP – Affin (2011)

Stereo Two – Marko (Affin) (2008)
Lost and Found – Marco Magrini (Affin) (2008)
Anne – Joystick (Eresys Recordings) (2010)
La Figlia de Lu – Giovanni Damico (Fassade Recordings) (2010)
Boar hunter – Roberto (Architronica Records) (2011)
Down the Canal – Lex Gorrie (Affin) (2011)

Cytric – Trapez Ltd (Triple R selection 6) Trapez 2008
Metza – Trapez Ltd (Triple R selection 6) Trapez 2008
Lost and Found – Joachim Spieth Selected 2 – Affin 2008
Matar – Sound Shifting 2.0 – Paul Hazendonk (Manual Music) 2009
Say – Joachim Spieth Selected 3 — Affin 2009
Sabre – Universal Music Japan 2009
Myst – Top of Ten 2000-2010 – Tongut 2010
Boldarani – Joachim Spieth Selected 5 – Affin 2010
Anne – Joystick (Reggy van Oers remix) Melodic Techno Fever Volume 2 Fever Records (2011)