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15. October 2018.

at 7 o’clock in the evening
Villa Macadamiana second at Marianberg
Hilltop Dr Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 US


Aremun Podcast 22 – Scam. (Frames Of Thought)

Aremun Podcast 22 – Scam. (Frames Of Thought)


Aremun Podcast 22 – Scam (Frames Of Thought) by Aremun Podcast on Mixcloud

Scam. (Samuele Costa) was born in 1982 in Cagliari on the island of Sardinia. Fascinated by the age of fourteen and rhythmic sounds of some video game soundtracks, approaches to listening to the electronic music along the major labels and artists of the electro-electronic style. From 1998 Research in its tracks sounds closer to techno. Shortly after he bought his first console, and since 2003 he started working as a disc jockey offering a sound techno, electro, idm in various clubs in Sardinia. Since 2008 he has been making its tracks, offering a sound dark and introspective, inspired by Detroit techno and one in Berlin.



  1. Ø – Sähkörausku
  2. Drumcell-Fragmenter
  3. Anders Ilar-Endast
  4. Claudio PRC-Kar
  5. Terence Fixmer-Drive the Bass
  6. DBX-Losing Control
  7. Phase-The Bwiti Initiate
  8. Alessio Pili-Last Osirides’s Trip
  9. Shifted-Contract 0
  10. Vatican Shadow-AL Qaeda
  11. Marcel Fengler-Jaz
  12. Hector Oaks-Warten (CVO remix)
  13. Function-Modifier
  14. ORPHX-Alternation-(Sleeparchive Remix)
  15. The Black Dog-Single Light Focus
  16. Planetary Assault Systems-Hold it (Deuce Remix)
  17. Mike Parker-Lustrations Twelve
  18. Marcos Cabral-Dancing on Manhattan
  19. Ancient Methods-Second Method B2
  20. Dubit- Elliptik (Scam. Remix)