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15. October 2018.

at 7 o’clock in the evening
Villa Macadamiana second at Marianberg
Hilltop Dr Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 US


Aremun Podcast 83 – Sirio Gry J (Monolith Records)

Aremun Podcast 83 – Sirio Gry J (Monolith Records)


Sirio Grimaldi aka Sirio Gry J, founder of Monolith Records, a label which looks ahead to the grim future of humankind delivering conceptual techno, is also resident deejay of the eclectic event platform Liber Null Berlin, combining different kind of arts shaped by the darkest esthetics. Sirio was born in Rome in the late 80s and discovered the world of deejaying firstly inspired by the “Sound Of Rome”. After digging the London scene, he moved to Berlin and produced tunes for labels like Several Reasons Mechanical Thoughts, TMM, Analogic Density and Love Blast and Monolith Records itself.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/siriogryj




1. The Future Sound of London – Ill Flower [Virgin Records]
2. Riccardo Rocchi – A Labyrinth Of Secrets [ACV Records]
3. Regis – Blood Witness (feat MJ Harris__Karl O’ Konnor Original 12″ Mix) [Blackest Ever Black]
4. December – De Monstris [Jealous God]
5. Supersimmetria – Horror Vacui [HANDS]
6. Orphx – Molten Heart [Sonic Groove]
7. Tolebham – Szanticska [Monolith Records]
8. ALHEK & Sirio Gry J – Stahl [Mechanical Thoughts Records]
9. Surgeon – As You Breathe Here Now [Semantica Records]
10. Ascion – Carnival [3TH records]
11. Orphx – Transmutation [Sonic Groove]
12. Tolebham – Kitsault (Scam. – Remix) [Monolith Records]
13. ALHEK – Alpha Decay [Monolith Records]
14. UMWELT – Revolt [Boidae]
15. Max Durante – Human Rage [Sonic Groove]
16. Sirio Gry J – Primitive (D. Carbone Remix) [Monolith Records]
17. X103 – Atlantis (The Entrance) [Tresor Records]